Get the NOT A MATCH Book! An Amazon Bestseller!

Not A MatchCOVER

That’s right, friends. The It’s Not a Match book is finally here! Please try to contain your excitement, as there have already been several deaths reported as a result of people rushing TOO QUICKLY to buy the book. It’s just that good. Also, it’s cheap. Just like me.

If you have a KINDLE, you can get NOT A MATCH: MY TRUE TALES OF ONLINE DATING DISASTERS on Amazon here.

If you have an Ipad, go to the iBookstore here.

And, if you’re not an ebook person, you can read it straight off your computer, here on Vook.

ONLY $2.99!

NOT A MATCH is the ONLY place to get full versions of my most popular articles. “The Sex Crier”, “The Girl Who Humiliated Me on National TV”, even “The Girl Who Caught on Fire.” Also, great advice pieces, like “How To Break Up with Your Internet Date” and “The Greatest Date Conversation Starter Ever.”

If you’ve been reading the site, it would make me so wonderfully happy if you’d buy the book. It’s been a labor of love for the last 3 years, so every dollar spent on the book makes a big difference!!! The book’s been an Amazon best-seller for over a year, so get in on the fun. Makes a great gift for Valentine’s Day or other hopeless weirdos like myself!

Thanks so much for your support!!!

And if you loved Not a Match, check out my new book Chunk.

He just bought the book! You too can be this happy!

He just bought the book! You too can be this happy!

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