Buy My New Book, CHUNK! Already a Bestseller!


The Least Inspirational Weight Loss Book Ever!

Where have I been lately? Writing another book of course! (And sleeping. And playing with my cat. And snacking. My life is a non-stop thrill ride.) It turns out dating is not the only ridiculous aspect of my life, there’s also dieting. Chunk explores my crazy, overweight journey; from a chubby 10-year old who stole brownies and tricked my parents into thinking I’d lost weight, to the teenage boy who made regular after-school plans to eat entire pies, to the adult man who still hates working out and still loves Cinnabons. If you love Not a Match, you’ll love Chunk too. If you don’t agree, I’ll give you your money back.*

(*in a laborious, paperwork-filled process that will wear you out long before you ever see your three bucks.)

Get CHUNK for your Kindle or Kindle App on Amazon here.


Cheap & Hilarious.

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