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The Girl In The Reindeer Sweater

There are people who can pull off seasonal clothing, I think we can all agree on that. Babies, grandmas, little kids who get forced into it by their parents who want to take pictures that will subtly mock them for … Continue reading

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The 10 Worst Movies To See on an Internet Date

This weekend I wanted to see Blue Valentine, but I was well aware of its reputation. “Great movie,” a friend texted me, “but it ruins relationships.” Not a problem for me (see: this entire website), but when I started calling … Continue reading

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Your Awful Story Olympics, Vol. 2

It’s been a month since our last edition of the Awful Story Olympics, so how about we pop open the computer mailbag and see what falls out? Awards for the craziest emails I’ve received in the last thirty days… The … Continue reading

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The Girl Who Wouldn’t Talk

Normally, I don’t date young women. I’m 32 (as far as you know), and anyone under 28 usually feels a little…undercooked to me. But a friend of mine, who is, let’s say, a douchebag, recently made an impassioned case. “Younger … Continue reading

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Find a Valentine. You Know You Want to…

Many women say they hate Valentine’s Day. They say it’s lame, and created by a greeting card company, and they really don’t care whether they do something romantic or not. They’re lying. What women hate are bad Valentine’s Days, just … Continue reading

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Which Dating Website is Right For You?

So many dating websites, so little time…and threshold for rejection. Which site is right for you? Read on, young dater… eHarmony: If you’re a serial killer who’s looking for the most efficient way to meet other serial killers, then eHarmony … Continue reading

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Let’s Play…Spot the Internet Date!

Maybe you’re out at a bar with friends, or perhaps on a tedious date yourself. You look around the bar and there’s something about the couple by the door that grabs your attention. They’re so…rigid. They’re both smiling constantly for … Continue reading

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The Girl Who Lived In a Shack

I’ve met a lot of great women through, I really have. I would say at least 90% of the ladies I’ve been out with have been sweet, attractive, and utterly likable people. My problem is, it keeps being the … Continue reading

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