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You Know What’s a Good Idea? Condoms. Especially with Internet Dates. Seriously…

It’s always a fascinating experience, having sex with someone new. There may be things you’ve done with others that they don’t like at all. Or approaches you’ve never even considered that they can’t live without. Then of course there’s all … Continue reading

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Ever Been Dumped Because of the Homeless? I Have!

It’s hard to know when you’ve really hooked a girl. Is it when she first laughs at one of your jokes? Or after that first kiss goodnight? Or, maybe, is it the first time you have this timeless romantic exchange… … Continue reading

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The Man Who Stalks Bad Dates

I threw down the gauntlet a few weeks back, and asked you readers to step up the insanity of your Internet dating game. And I’m not sure what this says about me and the sort of people I attract, but … Continue reading

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Can You Tell Someone Their Email Sucks?

It’s never happened to me because, well, I write amazing emails. Or rather, I write one amazing email, change it a bit, then send it to a ton of different people. But apparently there is a new trend of vigilantism … Continue reading

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That Moment When You Find Out Your Date is Racist…

I wouldn’t say I’m pessimistic about Internet dates. I prefer…realistic. I recognize that most of them are going nowhere, so I don’t really do the whole getting-excited-about-people-I-meet thing. Anyone can look good after two drinks and a couple of their … Continue reading

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Men: Don’t Talk About Sex in Your Emails

Surely you’ve read last week’s groundbreaking post about people who discuss sex in their dating profiles. I’ve been contacted by some very important and people, and talk is we’re up for a Peabody. (Disclaimer: May not be true.) But I’ve … Continue reading

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Beware of a Date Who Admits To Googling You…

Everyone researches their date. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. If a real email or last name happens to get dropped in conversation, then yeah, you’ll jump over to Facebook and check the person out. Maybe to see a few … Continue reading

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