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INaM CLASSIC: The Girl Who Called Me Chip Boy

When people ask me for my strangest Internet dating story, Chip Boy is never far from my mind. It’s one of my favorites, and I wanted to make sure you had all seen it. I mean, it’s not everyday you … Continue reading

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How is This My Match: Polygamy Edition

Finding someone legitimately attractive in my recommendations from OkCupid is rare. Hell, finding someone with a visible human face is rare. So this week, when a truly hot young lady appeared in my Quiver Matches, one was both single and … Continue reading

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Women: Stop Doing This in Your Pictures

I noticed it for the first time about a year ago. I clicked on a lady’s profile, scrolled through her pictures, and had a good laugh at what I found. It was a funny little surprise actually, and I may … Continue reading

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Your Awful Stories: Poetry Edition

I have grown tired of the Awful Story Olympic format, mostly because it rewards non-excellence. Why give out prizes for the second and third best emails I receive in a month, right? That’s not the standard we are trying to … Continue reading

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