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Tinder: The Newest and Most Annoying Way to Internet Date

Have you ever felt like internet dating contains too much information. Like, you finish reading someone’s profile and think, “You know, I feel like I almost know them too well. Is there any way we can put some mystery back … Continue reading

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My New Book, and The End of My Online Secret Identity

My name is Brian Donovan, and I am an online dater. For some of my readers, those who have been following my other writing on Thought Catalog, that’s not much of a revelation. I’ve written about it over there frequently. … Continue reading

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Ever Been Dumped Because of the Homeless? I Have!

It’s hard to know when you’ve really hooked a girl. Is it when she first laughs at one of your jokes? Or after that first kiss goodnight? Or, maybe, is it the first time you have this timeless romantic exchange… … Continue reading

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