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When You Don’t Want To Admit You Met Online…

“But where will I tell people we met?” I get that one all the time, from friends, from dates, from you guys. For some reason it’s everyone’s biggest concern: if I find some great while online dating, how will I … Continue reading

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What Not to Say in Your Dating Profile, Revisited

After all the emails and comments I got about last week’s post, What Not to Say in Your Dating Profile, it seems I touched a nerve. So here’s an earlier piece about the art of profile construction. I believe many … Continue reading

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What Not To Say in Your Dating Profile

I’ve always been reluctant to advise people on how to construct their dating profile, because there’s really only rule: be yourself. If you’re funny, lean on humor. If you’re an intellectual, don’t be afraid to talk about books, or politics, … Continue reading

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Beware of a Date Who Admits To Googling You…

Everyone researches their date. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. If a real email or last name happens to get dropped in conversation, then yeah, you’ll jump over to Facebook and check the person out. Maybe to see a few … Continue reading

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Lunch Dates are for Losers

I haven’t answered a question from you guys in a while. So selfish. Here’s one I get fairly often, from Richie in Boston, MA. “A girl took the initiative ask me out on Eharmony, which I thought was pretty radical. … Continue reading

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