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Your Awful Story Olympics VIII

Great work this month, gang. Your lives are really fucked up, and I appreciate that so much. Thanks for being you. The worst thing that happened to my beloved readers this month… The Bronze Hey B, your site cracks me … Continue reading

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How is This My Match? Los Angeles Edition

As you may have heard, I’m moving to California. Los Angeles, to be exact. I know, I know, you’re upset. I understand, we’ve come a long way, you and I. But believe me, no one is taking this harder than … Continue reading

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The Girl Who Did Heroin

There are two ways you can handle a date after you realize you’re not a match. You can shut it down, giving this person you will never see again as little energy and effort as humanly possible, or you can … Continue reading

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It’s Not a Match Travels…

We’ll be dark for a little while, kids, as It’s Not a Match moves to…Los Angeles! Crazy but true. More to come, but it may take a week or so. Until then, enjoy one of my old favorites, The Sex … Continue reading

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