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Women vs. Short Guys: Dating’s Fiercest Battleground

Short Guy #1: The problem is that women don’t want to date me because I’m too short. Short Guy #2: I know, me too! Short Guy #1: I mean, it’s not even like I’m that short. Short Guy #2: Yeah, … Continue reading

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Your Awful Story Olympics III

Received one of my all-time favorite emails today. From a Vlad507104, with no picture, but any woman named Vlad has got to be a looker, right? (S)he writes… Are you online now? I am so sorry I don’t remember you … Continue reading

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The Girl Who Hated Jews

I wouldn’t say I’m pessimistic about Internet dates. I prefer…realistic. I recognize that most of them are going nowhere, so I don’t really do the whole getting-excited-about-people-I-meet thing. Anyone can look good after two drinks and a couple of their … Continue reading

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Advice from the Idiot: Your Questions Answered!

You keep writing and asking for my advice on how to Internet date successfully. I don’t know what more I have to do to convince you that I am not the person for this task. Last week, a girl I’ve … Continue reading

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Internet Dating: Who Has It Worse, Men or Women?

Internet dating is pretty much made for the ladies, right? All you’ve got to do is throw up a couple of pictures, string together a few sentences that aren’t totally cliche, and wait for the emails to come rolling in. … Continue reading

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The Girl I Called Helga

I used to play this very charming game where I would guess a woman’s name. Most people, you see, don’t go with “KathyB” or “ShellyFunTimes” when selecting a screen name for their online dating profile (though I would admittedly love … Continue reading

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The Perfect Internet Date Bar

There are several bars in the greater New York area than I can’t go in anymore. In some cases, it’s court sanctioned. I’m prohibited from getting into details, but I will say that the law takes a far dimmer view … Continue reading

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