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Inside The Brain of a Guy with Shirtless Pics…

There are men who post shirtless pictures on their Internet dating profiles. They are assholes. These are their stories… I just started Internet dating man, feeling pretty good about it. Pretttty, prettty good. I’m gonna be knee-deep in bitches so … Continue reading

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Winks Are For Wusses

Last week, I got this email from a reader. Dear B, I would like to get your expert opinion, as my girlfriends may not be the best advice for this. If I find a guy who I think is just … Continue reading

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The Girl Who Couldn’t Eat

Everyone researches their date. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. If a real email or last name happens to get dropped in conversation, then yeah, you’ll jump over to Facebook and check the person out. Maybe to see a few … Continue reading

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Your Awful Story Olympics, Volume 1

My site was up for exactly one day before I got my first email from a reader who wanted to share their online dating disaster. It’s started a sort of competition – who can out-horror who, and the emails have … Continue reading

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Every Internet Dating Profile Ever

There’s really only one rule to follow when you’re creating a profile for a online dating: Be Different. OK…wait, no, there’s two rules. Be Different, and Avoid Hardcore Racial Slurs. Alright three rules. Just three. Be Different, Avoid Hardcore Racial … Continue reading

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Crafting the Perfect Email

When I joined a few years ago, it was for one girl: Shadoe987. Sweet sweet Shadoe987. So lovely, so innocent, so eccentric in her spelling choices. I had taken a half-hearted swing at Match a few years previous, so … Continue reading

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