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It’s Not a Match will return…

After the New Year. Check back next week for a story about my Internet dating past coming back to bite me…on national television. I told you I was an idiot…

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The Sex Crier

Perhaps from reading this site you’ve gotten the impression that Internet dating is just one disastrously awkward first date after another. Not true! Sometimes there’s a disastrously awkward second, third, and fourth date as well. And, if you’re really lucky, … Continue reading

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Advice From The Idiot: Should I Pay For a Dating Site?

Common Mistake: you’re not sure if Internet dating is for you, but you wanna give it a shot. Somehow, it seems, the current routine of going to bars and talking only to your friends has failed to yield romantic results. … Continue reading

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Notes From The Underground: The Girl Who Peed Her Pants

The ideal number of drinks on a first Internet date is two. Got that? Just TWO, you boozehounds. One drink is not enough, it just doesn’t give you enough time to get to know the person and see if you … Continue reading

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How Much Should I Lie in My Dating Profile?

Periodically on this site we will offer advice, because I’ve found unfailingly that when people find out I’ve done a bit of Internet dating, they have things they want explained. Which is fine as long as they understand, as I … Continue reading

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