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The Scariest Email I’ve Ever Received

Every Halloween, I think back to this email. I often wonder where the author is now, and if he’s killed anyone yet. It’s got that special level of crazy that is so specific, so genuine, that you can’t tell whether … Continue reading

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Can You Tell Someone Their Email Sucks?

It’s never happened to me because, well, I write amazing emails. Or rather, I write one amazing email, change it a bit, then send it to a ton of different people. But apparently there is a new trend of vigilantism … Continue reading

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That Moment When You Find Out Your Date is Racist…

I wouldn’t say I’m pessimistic about Internet dates. I prefer…realistic. I recognize that most of them are going nowhere, so I don’t really do the whole getting-excited-about-people-I-meet thing. Anyone can look good after two drinks and a couple of their … Continue reading

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The Worst Kinds of Dating Site Emailers

Spending a lot of your time online dating doesn’t have a lot of benefits. You get good at calculating the tip on two drinks quickly. And crafting witty responses to fascinating questions like “Where did you go to college?” and … Continue reading

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