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Your Awful Story Olympics V

As we embark on Memorial Day weekend, what better time to look back and remember the horrible dates of our past? Well, your past, actually. The horrible dates of my past are far too numerous to confine to one weekend. … Continue reading

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Internet Dating Etiquette: Who Should I Respond To?

The other night, a friend presented a common Internet dating dilemma. He had gotten an email from a girl he liked OK, but wasn’t crazy about. She lived far away, had a mediocre profile, wasn’t particularly witty, but had written him a … Continue reading

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Hook Chas Up: A Wife for $10,000?

There is a man named Chas who is offering $10,000 to anyone who can find him a wife. That may be the douchiest sentence ever written about a human being, but, really, it’s true. Not just that there’s actually a … Continue reading

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The Girl Who Couldn’t Kiss

Woody Allen once said there’s no such thing as bad sex, which would mean a lot more if it was coming from someone who hadn’t slept with unduly beautiful and talented women his entire life. I mean, if someone let … Continue reading

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Internet Dating: Safety First!!!

As we all know, Internet dating can be a risky endeavor, and not just romantically. I mean, it’s one of the few romantic pursuits where ending up stabbed is a realistic possibility, so it’s wise to take care. To this … Continue reading

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