Find a Valentine. You Know You Want to…

Many women say they hate Valentine’s Day. They say it’s lame, and created by a greeting card company, and they really don’t care whether they do something romantic or not. They’re lying. What women hate are bad Valentine’s Days, just like men do. Days when no one thinks of you or you get a perfunctory box of chocolates from a perfunctory person you somehow got sidetracked into dating for a month or two.

Do something fun for someone on Valentine’s Day, and they’ll love it – no matter how much they claim not to care. And yes, that includes Internet dates. I’ve had some of the best Internet dates in my life on V-Day. Point out that it’s silly to meet someone for the first time on a such charged day, talk about how stupid Valentine’s is to begin with, then have an amazing time. Because sure, we’re all ironic and detached when it comes to such things, but when you look around on Monday and see a whole lot of other people being loved, you want to be loved too. Or at least liked. OK, kinda liked. Or…how about not despised? Will you take not despised?

So take a chance and ask a girl or guy out for Valentine’s Day, on the Internet or otherwise. I promise you’ll both be happy you did. And if not, well, then at least you’ll have a great story to email me!

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2 Responses to Find a Valentine. You Know You Want to…

  1. JW says:

    I cannot imagine an internet date on Valentine’s Day … I think meeting at midnight on the 15th is a happy medium? That way you can technically say you have plans for the evening but don’t have the pressure of the first date on V day?

  2. Denise says:

    I had an internet date on christmas eve because for the first time in my whole life my family had made plans for another day and I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was so much fun! No gift needed :)

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