Interested in Writing for It’s Not a Match? Now’s Your Chance…

REJOICE! Now you too can blog!

REJOICE! Now you too can blog!

OK, gang, so here’s the deal. The good news is that the book has sold really well, and is continuing to do so. If you’re wondering how to celebrate this admittedly shocking development, can I recommend re-buying the book? It makes a great gift, and I personally guarantee that everyone who buys My True Tales of Online Dating Disasters a second time will meet the love of their life in under six months. If you don’t, I will pretend to be the love of your life. Or…my cat will be the love of your life. If you wipe tuna fish on your face, he will lick it off and everything. It’s very romantic.

The further good news is that I’ve just started a job writing for television, so blogging time has become scarce. And honestly, that bums me out. My original vision for INaM was two to three posts a week, written solely by me, filled with hilarious stories and sage, buddha-like advice. And for awhile, I achieved that couch-based, income-free nirvana, and it was bliss. But bigger dreams have come a-calling, so I’m gonna have to alter that vision a bit to keep Not a Match alive. I suppose I could just close up shop and bid you all goodbye, but the community that’s built up around the site, and all the great questions and emails and support I get from you guys is too great to give up. And I love trying to help people with my demented little version of advice. So I’m gonna be selfish and keep Not a Match going. But that means I’ll need a little help from you…

Aaron Sorkin, smiling at the news that we are now taking submissions.

Aaron Sorkin, smiling at the news that we are now taking submissions.

Over the years many of you have asked about contributing to the site, and writing stories in your own words. Up until now I’ve resisted, because I’ve wanted Not a Match to be in one united voice, and use it to stretch my own writing muscles. But now the time has come to change those rules. So if you have a piece of writing about internet dating or dating in general that you think would be right for site, please send it to me at I’m particularly interested in topics that I haven’t discussed before, and viewpoints that I can’t easily get to myself. Women, older folks, younger folks, religious folks, druggy folks, monsters, centaurs, invisible men, dragons, Stephen Baldwin: all are welcome. Just be new, be specific, be original, and be fun. Ideally I’d love to run a combination of new stuff and my own writing in the coming months, and hopefully it will give the site more depth than ever before. Not just what it’s like to internet date when you’re a weirdo who loves the Golden Girls and peanut butter and jelly, but what it’s like for all of you too. If it works, I think it could be really cool.

So please, send your stories, ideas, opinions, and experiences. I promise I’ll read and respond to them all, and would love to possibly include some of them in another book down the road. So show me what you got, readers. Tell me about the times you realized It’s Not a Match.

That email again is

P.S. I was joking about Stephen Baldwin. Please, Stephen. Stop emailing. It’s getting sad.

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3 Responses to Interested in Writing for It’s Not a Match? Now’s Your Chance…

  1. Lorin says:

    I’ve been waiting for this. I’m submitting tonight. Go Hawks!!!

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  3. Would love to contribute to your site… Also good luck in your new career.

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