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How to Cook Dinner For Your Date in 25 EASY Steps

As we’ve said many times, you should not/must not/can not go to dinner on a first internet date. It’s expensive, takes too long, and locks you in for an hour with someone you might want to murder before the Bloomin … Continue reading

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How is This My Match: Anal Sex Edition

You know that feeling you have when you’re separated from your cellphone for an extended period of time? Like, maybe the battery dies and you don’t have your charger, or you leave for work in the morning and accidentally leave … Continue reading

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Meeting in a Bar vs. Meeting Online: The Ultimate Showdown

A group of psychologists recently released a study that says meeting a date in a bar can be far more effective than encountering someone online. Which is great news, because it clearly means we’ve cured all mental illness, otherwise why would … Continue reading

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You Know What’s a Good Idea? Condoms. Especially with Internet Dates. Seriously…

It’s always a fascinating experience, having sex with someone new. There may be things you’ve done with others that they don’t like at all. Or approaches you’ve never even considered that they can’t live without. Then of course there’s all … Continue reading

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Why Are All These Men Posing with Monkeys?!

Loyal readers (which better fucking describe all of you pricks) will remember a scorching expose we did last spring about the bizarre trend of women posting profiles pics of themselves wearing mustaches. OK, you probably don’t remember it. I mean, … Continue reading

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Your Awful Stories: Three Tales of Assholes

There are myriad ways that men can act like assholes on an internet date. They can call you the wrong name, ditch you for a clearly fake emergency, or just maybe just barf all over the place. Hell, there are … Continue reading

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Is Bad Grammar a Dating Dealbreaker?

Its my first time writing a profile, but I guess I’ll give it a shot… Your gonna laugh when I tell you this, but my favorite thing to do on Friday night’s is play Scrabble! Their is this amazing pizza … Continue reading

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11 Lies Everyone Tells on an Internet Date

1) “Sure, I’d love to have another drink!” The vast majority of internet dates should end after cocktail #1. Like, 90% of them. But for some reason that feels rude. Your date’s expression says “I’d rather be watching my DVR!”, … Continue reading

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The Worst Things to Do on a First Date

You guys keep emailing me and asking what’s the best thing to do on the first date. And I appreciate it, I really do. It’s nice to wake up in the morning and see so many messages in the It’s … Continue reading

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Tinder: The Newest and Most Annoying Way to Internet Date

Have you ever felt like internet dating contains too much information. Like, you finish reading someone’s profile and think, “You know, I feel like I almost know them too well. Is there any way we can put some mystery back … Continue reading

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