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Web Dating 101: Always Trust the Worst Picture

Let’s say you’re going out on a date with Meg Ryan, but have no idea what she looks like. Maybe you’re not a big movie person, or maybe you’re not a big shitty movie person, but the point is, you … Continue reading

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Can You Date Someone Who Uses Emoticons? :-/

There’s a lot of things you can hide when you’re an online dater. Heavier than you’d like? Post a picture of just your face. Speak with an unappealing accent? Skip a phone call and go right to the first date. … Continue reading

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Burning Question: Can I Email Someone Twice?

I think that, honestly, the woman of my dreams probably doesn’t email people back right away. Certainly not the people she encounters online dating. First of all, she’s busy. She has a demanding career in the field of writing for … Continue reading

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Internet Dating Etiquette: Who Should I Respond To?

The other night, a friend presented a common Internet dating dilemma. He had gotten an email from a girl he liked OK, but wasn’t crazy about. She lived far away, had a mediocre profile, wasn’t particularly witty, but had written him a … Continue reading

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How to Get Out of a Bad Date

We’ve all been there. Staring across the table at someone who’s insisting that they’re happy at H&R Block, but thinks that this X Factor audition on Saturday could be the start of something big. Sure, they’ve only sung in front … Continue reading

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Advice from the Idiot: Your Questions Answered!

You keep writing and asking for my advice on how to Internet date successfully. I don’t know what more I have to do to convince you that I am not the person for this task. Last week, a girl I’ve … Continue reading

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The Perfect Internet Date Bar

There are several bars in the greater New York area than I can’t go in anymore. In some cases, it’s court sanctioned. I’m prohibited from getting into details, but I will say that the law takes a far dimmer view … Continue reading

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Find a Valentine. You Know You Want to…

Many women say they hate Valentine’s Day. They say it’s lame, and created by a greeting card company, and they really don’t care whether they do something romantic or not. They’re lying. What women hate are bad Valentine’s Days, just … Continue reading

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Which Dating Website is Right For You?

So many dating websites, so little time…and threshold for rejection. Which site is right for you? Read on, young dater… eHarmony: If you’re a serial killer who’s looking for the most efficient way to meet other serial killers, then eHarmony … Continue reading

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Winks Are For Wusses

Last week, I got this email from a reader. Dear B, I would like to get your expert opinion, as my girlfriends may not be the best advice for this. If I find a guy who I think is just … Continue reading

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